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Consultancy and Bespoke

Bespoke Data Systems Ltd is able to offer a consultancy on all IT&C matters relating specifically and generally to Dentistry and Medicine. The companies expertise lies in the  dento-medical area, however, the company has many UK wide IT&C consultants who specialise in key areas, thus allowing us to cover the entire market spectrum.

A recent project involved feasibility studies for Independent Hospital Developers Ltd. A private hospital development company who required complex database systems developing. The project is still current.

A bespoke database application was created for a general practitioner, creating his 'ideal program'. After an in depth consultation period after which the specification had been created, the application was coded. The final application was installed on to windows XP network and has worked bug free for over 1 year to date.

Another recently completed project was the development of the 'web based EDI' specification from the dental practice board, which allows xml files to be uploaded and downloaded via the internet.

Our latest bespoke application was commissioned by a private practitioner. We helped him create his 'dream program'. For an obligation free quote please e mail us with as detailed as possible description of your requirements. From your requirements we will be able to give you a fixed price for the project. Why be stuck with expensive off-the-shelf software which does not do what you require when you can design your own solution.

Due to the way BDS Ltd is structured we are highly comparative financially, our fees being low but our commitment to quality being very high. We would be delighted to provide you with an obligation free quotation. So please contact us.